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Bottoms Up!

Millcraft’s services help craft brewers improve their bottom line

One of Millcraft’s newest client bases—the rapidly growing craft brewing industry—also seems to be one of the most unlikely. But Millcraft’s economies of scale and deep knowledge of the craft brewing industry are helping regional craft brewers streamline their businesses and reduce costs.

With hundreds of craft brewers in Millcraft’s territory, the market was clear. “Millcraft made a strategic decision last year to decide to service the craft beer industry because of its great opportunity and potential for growth,” says Courtney Enser, Director of Marketing and Sales Alignment. “We felt it fit our business model.” Millcraft now provides the craft brewing industry access to primary packaging items—from growlers, bottles and six-pack carriers, to cartons and shipping/handling equipment—from its established network of distributors.

These services help craft brewers alleviate pain points caused by their tremendous growth rate. “Many craft brewers are outgrowing the space they’re in,” Enser says. “They don’t have the space to keep a truckload or two of glass bottles in their facility.” Millcraft subsequently warehouses bottles and related items and delivers them just in time to allow brewers to operate with lower inventory levels—a boon in an industry where most companies have to buy in bulk. “We can leverage our distribution system and our expertise in printing and transfer it over to the craft beer side,” Enser says. “We’re doing nothing more for the craft brewers than we do for our existing printing clients—it’s just that most brewers aren’t used to it.”

Enser sees the craft beer market continuing to expand and Millcraft’s relationship with it continuing to deepen. “We have suppliers with innovative products that might help brewers save time, energy, effort, and cost. We’re looking forward to being a continuing resource for them,” she says.