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Making the Switch to Eco-Conscious Packaging

Being green really does matter to your customers.

It’s no secret that consumers are becoming more educated about the importance of protecting our natural resources and ways they can do that. Buzzwords such as “recycling,” “sustainability,” and “green” that weren’t even in the American vocabulary a generation ago now are routinely recognized by consumers. In fact, 62 percent of respondents in one survey thought positively of the word “green.” But what does that mean for packaging? A lot.

Give ’em the green

According to another survey, 56 percent of Americans want more sustainable options for the paper and product packaging they purchase. Where “green” packaging once would have fallen into the “it would be nice to have, but…” category, it is now something consumers seek out. What’s more, 6 out of every 10 shoppers say that seeing environmental claims on packaging positively influences their buying decisions.

Have passion, will spend

Millennials, in particular, put their wallets behind their convictions. In this group, 52 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly/deforestation-free packaging options. And since Millennials represent the largest segment of U.S. demographics (and have enormous buying influence and purchasing power), this is a fact not to be overlooked.

They want it. Have you got it?

It’s clear the demand for eco-conscious packaging is on the rise. And as our environmental situation becomes more precarious, this trend will continue. Since a third of those surveyed say they already buy more of the brands or products they usually buy because the packaging is greener—and 25 percent admit to switching to brands with more sustainable packaging—the question is: Is your business embracing this market shift? If not, perhaps it’s time. And if you are, congratulations on your commitment to our environment. We challenge you to keep it growing.

By Liberty Kontranowski