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Neenah “Fresh Takes on Classic Type” is Eye Candy for Type Lovers

“Nothing makes a designer happier than type and paper.” ~ Ann Willoughby, Willoughby Design

This new book from Neenah, “Fresh Takes on Classic Type on CLASSIC® Papers” [#typelove] – designed by Willoughby Design, and featuring the typefaces of typographical masters such as Erik Spiekermann, Jessica Hische, and Matthew Carter – features six spreads using a specific typeface to create a mini-story with tons of production techniques and interactive pieces on every spread.

Woven into the book is an underlying look at analog vs. digital design — a topic that Ann Willoughby believes makes it an exciting time to be a designer. “With the technologies we have today, digital and analog worlds are united in an unlimited possibility of expression. It’s never been a better time to be a designer,” says Willoughby.

Check out this video to see how much can be achieved with design and paper.