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When Copy Paper Is More than Copy Paper

Millcraft’s Buy & Give program raises $94,000 for nine local charities.

Sometimes small decisions make a big difference—where you buy your copy paper, for instance.

Often a quick decision for many businesses, Millcraft turns buying copy paper into something more. They’ve partnered with Domtar—the largest producer of uncoated papers in North America—to market Buy & Give, a versatile multi-purpose paper, throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan, and New York.

For every carton of Buy & Give copy paper purchased, Millcraft donates $1 to charity.

“When you’re in a business that many people feel is a commodity business, it’s really not what you sell; it’s why you sell it,” says Travis Mlakar, president of Millcraft. And giving back to the community is at the heart of Millcraft’s business philosophy.

Buy & Give launched in 2011 at Millcraft’s Cleveland division and quickly expanded to include all eight of its geographic division locations. Employees in each region identified a local charity to receive the proceeds from their division’s sales of the paper.

In 2016, the program distributed $94,000 to nine local charities across the company’s Midwestern footprint. “For our team to be able to give back to the charities that really mean something to us personally reminds us of the responsibility we have to one another and the communities we serve,” says Mlakar.

And for businesses buying copy paper, says Meredith Collins, brand marketing manager at Domtar, “it empowers them with the knowledge that their buying decisions, regardless of how small they are, really do make an impact.”

By Laurie Hileman