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Go Big Without Going Far

Wide-format printing opportunities are likely closer than you think.

Instead of looking for a new wide-format-based niche such as vehicle wraps, perhaps you should look closer to home: Explore the opportunities within your existing vertical markets. Chances are your customers are already using several common applications like tradeshow banners and training posters. The most popular applications are signage (indoor and outdoor), POP displays, window graphics, decals, backlit displays, vehicle graphics and wraps, packaging samples, banners, billboards, building wraps, free-standing displays, and presentation posters.

But wide-format technology offers numerous other engaging ways for your customers to reinforce their brand and share their message. Here are just a couple you may not have considered:

Life-sized cutouts or standees.

In the selfie age, companies are enhancing their social media presence and creating some fun with life-sized cutouts of the company mascot, CEO, or associated celebrity. Large-format printers are capable of printing in such detail that your customers and followers will do a double take. These are a great way to promote your company at shows or special events.

Poster-sized photos.

Your clients can adorn their office walls or retail spaces with big, bold images of people enjoying their products or services. If the company is active on social media, then you could even use real-life customer action shots shared by the business’ followers.

Because wide-format printers can print on a variety of materials, you can offer your customers products such as cloth flags featuring their company logo, floor coverings, or custom wallcoverings created from fabric or latex. Today’s wide-format printers can print on just about any surface, so there’s no limit to the creative products you can offer your customers.

By Lorrie Bryan