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Show vs. Tell: The Case for Mock-ups

Test-drive your next printing or packaging job with a prototype from Millcraft’s Design and Solution Center.

Picking out paper can be a bit like picking out paint from the paint store, says Diane Winters, lead coordinator of Millcraft’s Design and Solution Center in the metro Detroit area.

There’s an overwhelming amount of choices, and, quite often, you simply don’t know if it’ll work until you see it on your walls. Or, as is the case with paper, until you see it in the actual form your print or packaging project is going to take.

That’s why so many designers and printers turn to Millcraft’s Design and Solution Centers for free mock-ups of prospective print and packaging projects. Sometimes referred to as dummies or prototypes, mock-ups pull all of the elements (size, color, paper, folds, etc.) of a project together so clients can understand the look and feel of a finished piece before it goes on press.

Whether it’s a simple 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper or a 144-page book complete with cover, pullout pages, and different textured papers in between, “we can help architect the product,” says Winters.

But that’s not all. Winters notes that mock-ups are also useful for determining postage, alleviating potential problems from a production and finishing standpoint, and ensuring a polished and clean design for the finished product.

So the next time you’re considering paper options for a project, take them for a test-drive with a mock-up from one of Millcraft’s Design and Solution Centers.

By Laurie Hileman