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Warm Up to Cold Calls

Research and preparation turn cold shoulders into hot prospects.

Brrr….when you talk about cold calls, the reception can be icy. Many salespeople dread making them, and consumers often dislike receiving them. Yet, they remain a staple of doing business.

So, what’s the best way to turn dread into delight? Warm up your cold calls.

Do your research. Before you contact a prospect, you should know more about them than their name and phone number or email address. Research can reveal common interests and identify the challenges your contact is trying to solve. Visit their company’s website and read what’s been written about what they do. Browse your contact’s profile on LinkedIn to learn more about their interests and to discover if you have a mutual connection. All of this will prepare you well for the next step.

Craft a compelling message. Use the information you’ve gathered to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Envision what they do on a day-to-day basis, what may be motivating them, and how you can help solve their biggest pains. Your opening statement should demonstrate your knowledge of their needs and an explanation of how you can help. Be friendly, direct, and solutions oriented in your opener to set the groundwork for a positive selling relationship.

Remember to ask for a referral. Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to make contact. Ideally, your cold call will turn into new business, but if it doesn’t right away, don’t give up! You still have a few tools at your disposal. Consider offering something extra, such as a white paper, eBook, or personalized offer to keep your prospect engaged—and follow up with them later. And always remember to ask for a referral. It will provide an instant warm-up between you and your next contact by establishing a trustworthy mutual connection.

By Amy Soper