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Great Ideas and Advice Are Free

Millcraft’s Design & Solution Centers get you the creative results you want without blowing your budget.

Ever have a fabulous creative idea only to watch it fall apart in the design stage?

Budget constraints, compressed timelines, and paper availability can all derail a print or packaging project, says Courtney Enser, director of marketing and sales alignment at Millcraft. But when you pull in paper experts at the beginning of the creative process, you’ll find it’s “an easy way to bring your project to life on time and without breaking your budget,” Enser says.

Enser outlines three reasons why collaborating with specialists at Millcraft’s Design & Solution Centers gets you rockstar results.

Get inspired and generate ideas. Consider Millcraft’s Design & Solution Centers as paper and packaging playgrounds for creatives. They allow you to flesh out ideas and concepts in order to find the best solution at the right cost. “Without having materials to touch and feel and design to, your projects could soon get out of budget before they even get started,” says Enser.

Collaborate with specialists. Experience with all shapes and sizes of projects gives Millcraft specialists the ability to match the right material to the design and tone you want to create. “It’s having a free consultant,” says Enser. Whether you need a waterproof synthetic or shimmery paper in pale blue, the experts will pair you with the best available materials.

Make mockups or samples. Nothing works better for envisioning a final product than a full prototype. How does it feel when you hold it? How much does the weight affect mailing costs? Does it fold the way you’d hoped? With a sample in hand, you’ll be able to iron out last-minute details and nail down your final costs.

Contact a Millcraft Design & Solution Center near you for fresh ideas and friendly advice on your next creative project. It’s free!

By Laurie Hileman