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A Classic Retail Revolution

Retail is alive and kicking! According to “Debunking the Apocalypse”, a 2017 report released by IHL Group, retailers were opening 4,080 more stores in 2017 than they were closing, and planned to open over 5,500 more in 2018. So, it’s time to start thinking about your retail clients.

The newest promotional piece from Neenah, CLASSIC® Retail Revolution, is packed with print and design inspiration. The piece includes information on print techniques, industry data, retail samples, and beautiful combinations of paper, design and printing.


CLASSIC® Retail Revolution is a resource for designers working with retail clients to help them see new and unique ways to use printed pieces as a tangible element of today’s retail experiences.

And its release proves timely. Many see a retail revolution evolving, with studies showing that Millenials prefer bricks to clicks. In a highly competitive retail market, brands that succeed will be those that create extraordinary customer experience. The key to that success lies in the execution of the details.

CLASSIC® Retail Revolution, a resource for designers working with retail clients to help them see new and unique ways to use printed pieces as a tangible element of today’s retail experiences.

“Today’s consumer is fiercely loyal and shares their brand love with the world through social media. In order for a brand to impress potential loyalists, it must first grab their attention in the crowded retail space….details matter,” says Auburne Gahlman, Brand Manager, Neenah. “This is precisely where design and paper can help elevate a brand’s status with high-touch tools.”


The book isn’t just eye candy; its thought-provoking stats are good bookmarks for designers. Research shows 57% of people say postcard marketing makes them feel more valued and creates a more authentic relationship. While 44% say a gift card has sent them into a store they otherwise wouldn’t have visited. “CLASSIC Retail Revolution will enable designers to provide more insight and perhaps be an even more valuable counselor for their retail clients,” says Gahlman.

Designed by Dallas firm Matchbox Studio, the piece features four case studies in the health and wellness markets. Thoughtfully designed print collateral demonstrates ways to get customers in the door. It helps to engage and excite customers in-store, spread the word, and build a following. Each brand features samples produced on Neenah’s flagship CLASSIC® Papers.

Liz Burnett of Matchbox Studio said, “When it comes to brand recall, paper is an important aspect of any design. Studies show that 70% of purchase decisions are made in the store. And 85% of consumers cite color as the primary reason they buy a particular product.”

“What we hoped to communicate with this piece is that a paper’s texture and color has the power of persuasion. CLASSIC® Retail Revolution shows how much more memorable printed collateral can be with the right combination of design and paper,” added Burnett.

Additionally, if you’d like to get a first-hand look at CLASSIC® Retail Revolution, we’ll be hosting multiple informative gatherings in Millcraft’s Design & Solution Centers. Click here to register for a session near you.

Attendees will receive a copy of the piece as well as a companion guide to Millcraft’s Writing, Text & Cover Product Guide. With over 1500 new items added to our inventory and available locally, it’s never been easier to incorporate premium papers into your next print project.