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The Marketing of Higher Education – A New Program from Millcraft

When it comes to the marketing of higher education, nothing compares to the medium of print for producing strong ROI on marketing spend. Afterall, printed materials produced by colleges and universities offer some of the most effective methods for promotion and recruitment.  But with almost 5,000 higher education institutions vying for the attention of prospective students, creating a message that stands out requires multiple touch points.


Studies show millennials prefer print as their medium of choice for marketing promotions. According to a 2015 multi-country study, an overwhelming 92% of college students surveyed said they prefer reading in print over any form of electronic media.*

But not all print communications are created equally. Solid design and messaging are only part of the print equation. Oftentimes, effective higher educational marketing collateral comes down to a few key differentiators – the details. When it comes to producing successful print communications fine paper selection is a critical detail. This is especially true for colleges and universities wanting to convey the right message and tone to prospective students.


To make a great impression.

Whether a large university or a small college with big plans, printed material is one way to spread your brand. Premium paper can make a difference in how that brand is perceived. The right paper can set your messages apart.

At Millcraft, we believe it’s the details that make the difference. We understand how challenging it can be for designers and marketers looking to produce exceptional higher educational collateral within the confines of restricted budgets. So we have partnered with some of our core suppliers to offer a collection of fine papers with special pricing to help take your next college or university print project from good to great.

  • Select from any papers from Millcraft’s Higher Education Paper Program. 
  • Print Buyers – make sure to specify Millcraft Higher Education Program on the job specs to the printers quoting your project.
  • Printers – when requesting pricing for quotation, identify the project name including university/college name and contact and ask for the Millcraft Higher Education Paper Program pricing.

To request an interactive presentation, pricing, samples or mockups – just ask.

*Source: Sappi, The Marketing of Higher Education.