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What’s Under the Lid?

Luxurious and eye-catching paper and packaging materials create a promotional sample that mirrors the car-buying experience.

When it comes to buying a new car, looks count. Of course gas mileage, safety features, and sticker price come into play, but let’s face it: the vehicle has to convey quality, style, and value to close the deal.

At auto-focused ad agencies, designers who are tapped to create marketing materials for car buyers will want to communicate these same qualities in their promotional pieces.

Millcraft’s Corporate Solutions Group recently worked with Neenah Packaging to develop an eye-catching sample kit―consisting of a brochure, folder, postcard, and envelopes―targeted at automobile manufacturing marketers and agency designers. The kit showcases a tactile experience to demonstrate the variety of colors, weights, and textures of today’s sophisticated printing paper and packaging stocks, much as a prospective car buyer would use touch to evaluate the vehicle’s steel, glass, chrome, and leather.

The featured Neenah paper and packaging materials were selected to convey a high-quality, eye-catching appearance. Included are mix-and-match stocks ranging from multitextured silver Neenah® Folding Board used to create the kit’s reliable, durable frame, to a smooth Neenah STARDREAM® coated metallic exterior, to the luxurious interior samples of Neenah’s delicate, soft matte TOUCHE® Papers, versatile CLASSIC CREST®, and touch-inviting CARBON-X®―an economical, high-impact, fiber-based leather alternative.

Just as car buyers’ emotions and senses are heightened when selecting custom body colors, interior woodgrains, and upholstery to reflect their personal styles, designers are inspired by rousing paper and packaging materials that they can customize through color, finish, and texture to move their ideas from flat to full throttle.