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A Better Way to Measure up

When an overseas vendor of measuring tapes could not meet the needs of a major garment retailer, Millcraft successfully sized up the challenge.

A U.S.-based garment retailer had been sourcing its tape measures—an every-day, tool-of-the-trade—from China. Over time, however, the retailer had experienced increasing issues with product quality and availability. When the company made the decision to switch to a U.S.-made product, it turned to Millcraft for help.

Rather than simply offering standard durable paper samples, Mike Barrett, Millcraft’s wide-format printing specialist, suggested using an unconventional banner material that was both pliable and printable, held up well to frequent use, and could be fed through a wide-format printer. Barrett was able to bring in a printer partner that helped fabricate a prototype tape measure for the customer to try.

The garment retailer was thrilled with the new product quality and performance, and Millcraft was able to produce the tape measures in quantity, branded with the company logo on one side, and featuring legible measurement markings on the other side. As a result, the customer avoided the cost, time, and hidden headaches of sourcing abroad.

Using in-depth product knowledge, innovative thinking, and outside resources, Barrett was able to help a valued customer find a better way to measure up.