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Make Your Direct Mail More Measurable

Inspired design combined with just-right paper, coatings, varnishes, and printing techniques will capture your recipients’ attention.

Like your product packaging, direct mail pieces should enrich your brand and messaging by engaging multiple senses, particularly sight and touch.

“If you enhance your direct mail piece with strategic use of color, texture, and great visual design, you’ll make it far more unique and appealing, which will increase recipient engagement,” explains Courtney Enser, Millcraft’s director of marketing and sales alignment. “Great design and materials selection—paper, coatings, varnishes, and print techniques—can elevate the direct mail experience to another level.”

Studies confirm what our common sense tells us: Direct mail printed on heavier, more textured papers with bolder use of color increases response rates significantly.

“Countless, creative paper selections and printing techniques are available to give your piece just the right look and feel for your brand,” says Enser. “Be bold. Be effective. Be memorable.” And keep your direct mail in your recipients’ hands and out of the trash receptacle.