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Neenah Explore 6 – Using Digital Print to Drive Real Estate Sales

For real estate agents, getting noticed is the first step to making the sale with 70% of buyers and sellers use the first realtor they contact. This niche market provides opportunity for designers and printers. Helping realtor clients create print marketing materials that boost exposure, reach target audiences, deliver the right message and generate sales means more business all around. Neenah’s Explore 6: Considerations for Real Estate, helps designers and printers do just that.

Explore 6 is filled with creative design considerations for optimizing digital print with paper color and texture, to create more effective marketing tools.

“More than most industries, real estate is about building trusted relationships. 89% of buyers say they would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others. A strong visual presentation in this niche market can impact that crucial first impression, as well as create that all-important lasting impression. Explore 6 contains with creative examples designers and printers can use to help their real estate clients think beyond producing the typical mailer, or printing on the typical white paper, and instead produce marketing materials that will resonate with clients and ultimately convert to sales,” said Greg Maze, Senior Brand & Sales Manager Neenah Packaging & Retail.

The piece provides inspiration for designers and printers looking to help their clients stand out. Included in the piece are 16 different samples, combining color and texture with the convenience of short-run digital printing.

  • A unique business card holder houses four different card designs, one is even shaped like a house. With 27,000,000 business cards printed every day, using an irresistible color and/or texture can set your clients apart from the masses.
  • A sturdy house-shaped direct mail folder with variable data insert and eye catching colored envelope is designed to get noticed and engage. Personalized pieces increase response rates by 500%.
  • A fun package for an open house treat. Fill a miniature, moving box with sweet treats to create a tangible message and leave a lasting impression.

“Although real estate is the focus, these concepts are transferrable to any small run project, and to other niche markets,” said Maze. The purpose of the Explore series is to help designers and printers show clients how easy it is to create materials that will make customers take notice. “70% more people remember the name of a business that has communicated with them in a tangible way.”

And to make it even easier for designers and printers to offer options to clients, Millcraft stocks 1600+ items of premium, color and textured paper and envelopes. Your can request a copy of Neenah’s Explore 6 from your local Millcraft rep, just ask.