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Neenah Relaunches The Design Collection

Neenah recently announced the re-launch of The Design Collection. The refreshed portfolio of premium papers for print and packaging has been completely re-imagined as a three part collection curated by paper attribute: Tactile, Soft Touch and Pearlized.

The complete collection has over 22 brands, 100 colors and 15 finishes inspired by fashion and design. With the many additions to the grade, Neenah felt it necessary to completely overhaul the way in which the collection was brought to market and housed. They worked closely with their agency, Design Army, to help work through this process. Focusing on how designers specify paper, Design Army broke down the portfolio and rebuilt it with an emphasis on exploring the different ways to “create sensation” with paper.

The solution resulted in three pathways – the visual sensation of pearlized, shimmery papers; the subtle sensation of soft touch materials; the textural sensation create through a highly tactile surface. The Design Collection is now brought to market contained within three swatch books organized by optics and touch.

The Design Collection – Pearlized

As the name indicates, the papers within this swatch book all have a pearlescent, shimmery quality. With over 50 shades of iridescent, metallic colors, the swatch book houses papers in the STARWHITE, SO…SILK, ESSE, ASTROKING, STARDREAM and STARDREAM 2.0 – including new colors of Eris, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and Venus.

The Design Collection – Soft Touch

The swatch book features substrates with textures that transcend paper. Whether it’s rose petal suppleness or plastic-like innovation, these papers unique softness make them ideal for high end collateral and packaging. The swatch book contains PLIKE, TOUCHÉ, SLIDE and the brand new LEATHERLIKE Papers.

The Design Collection – Tactile

The papers within this swatch book all feature a pronounced texture, and are perfect for print projects with a strong, organic point of view. Each of the papers within the swatch book command attention through the sense of touch., and feature 14 highly tactile grades: CANALETTO, CLEARFOLD, EAMES, ESSE, MONNALISA, MOONDREAM, NATURAL EVOLUTION, OXFORD, REEF, STARWHITE, SUEDETEX, TETON, UV/ULTRA II and WILD. Brand new in the collection is REEF Papers – a uniquely textured paper that evokes the feel of fine sand, sea stones and coral.

The entire set of The Design Collection swatch books and sample papers are available in our Design & Solution Centers, to request the materials just ask your Millcraft rep or one of our Solutions Specialists.