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Small Business Custom Solutions: Pre-converted & Dimensional Substrates

As the demand for digital printing continues to rise, so does the advances in production. And that’s a good thing for creatives. Why? There is a rising need for flexible solutions for smaller businesses, more targeted touches and beautiful yet simplistic design, so this is driving much of the change in demand. The need to offer custom solutions that can be produced cost-effectively across all platforms – digital, print and packaging usually lies in the hands of the creative person or team.

Much like envelopes and die-cut labels have made custom designed mail much more affordable for small businesses, the same holds true with pre-converted/dimensional substrates, and believe it or not there are some really great options with new ideas and associated die lines popping up every day. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of those substrates.

Cost Effective Solutions

Pre-converted or dimensional substrates can help eliminate costly production expenses like die-cutting, gluing, scoring and perforating. The dies used in some production processes can make up a significant amount of the cost of the total print job. The cost per piece would then rise and become even more cost prohibitive the less the number produced. Historically, producing smaller quantities was the barrier between small businesses and creatives looking to produce custom identity elements like packaging for example.

To the rescue, dimensional substrates. These options feature pre-formatted templates within the substrate itself. So after the custom printed substrate comes off the digital press, all that’s left is punching, folding and sealing. Making it easy to produce a small quantity of one-of-a-kind pieces for a special event, like an internal meeting or tradeshow.

Plenty of Choice

Beyond simple cards and envelopes, pre-converted and dimensional substrates come in a wide variety of products. Designers can create a highly personal experience for a brand or business. Everything from invitations, labels, door hangers/wine tags, gift boxes, table tents, golf ball sleeves, and wine boxes can be pre-converted. The end uses are only as limited as the imagination.

In-Stock Availability

And sourcing pre-converted and dimensional products couldn’t be easier. At Millcraft we stock dozens of dimensional substrate options, making it simple for designers, printers and businesses to access and source small quantities of pre-converted/dimensional substrates.
For a look at all of the digital substrates Millcraft offers, request a copy of our soon to be released Digital Substrate Guide.