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Neenah’s in the Neighborhood

Spring is show season for the print and design industry. Attending industry events are a great way to see and learn about all the new materials and trends happening in our industry. The paper mills always share their newest promotions at the major events like AIGA and HOW Design Live. And many suppliers take advantage of show season to roll out new products or grade-line updates. The exhibit hall booths at these events are inundated with crowds of creatives lined up to be the first to see what’s new. But if you weren’t able to attend one of these events? Don’t worry, Millcraft has you covered. One of the benefits of working with your local Millcraft rep is that we bring these new resources directly to you! And that’s what we’re doing this month with Neenah’s in the Neighborhood.


There have been quite a few updates and relaunches to some major grades over the past six months that you may not have had the chance to see. Last Fall, Neenah announced a major re-launch of The Design Collection. Previously, this massive collection of premium papers was housed in one swatch book. Neenah added a few new textures and colors to the line-up as well as completely reconfigured the swatch book offering. The grade is now organized to reflect the way designers think about papers during the creative process. Three new swatch books now housed papers based on the way their inherent characteristics: Tactile, Soft-Touch and Pearlized.

Following the same purpose behind The Design Collection relaunch, is the recent revamp of Royal Sundance and Environment. These two grades have been updated with new colors and a new vellum finish and housed within one new swatch book called The Naturals. The swatch book is set up to reflect the way creatives think about materials, both of these grades are not only budget friendly but eco-friendly as well. Printers and designers will find The Naturals swatch book very user friendly as well. In addition to the waterfall showing color, textures and weights, there are ample samples included as well.


And to the delight of creatives, accompanying the new swatch books are new paper promotions! Along with the new swatch books are some fun, interactive and inspiring resource for designers. They show how to combine color and texture with various print techniques – like hot foil stamping. And include detailed production notes to help provide some insight. In addition, Neenah has some really great promotions centered around verticals like retail and real estate. Did we mention all the colors? Neenah has more colors than we can name, and almost all of them have companion envelopes. Oh, and one of the best parts is that so many of these papers come in digital sizes as well!


Designers and printers will get to see and feel all the newest promotions during our Neenah’s in the Neighborhood tour. Want to make sure we pay a visit while we’re in your neighborhood? Just ask your local Millcraft rep.