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QR Codes are Back – and Better Than Ever

QR codes are back and better than ever. When Apple added a native QR code reader as part of iOS 11, they eliminated the clunkiness associated with earlier QR codes. Now 700 million iPhone users have a QR code scanner integrated within their iPhone camera. This makes it easier than ever for retailers and brands to engage with customers whether online or in-store.

Here are three ways retailers can leverage QR codes to improve the customer experience and their bottom line.

Leverage On Product Packaging to Influence the Purchasing Decision

It’s no secret that packaging design needs to be on-point if brands want to standout on the shelf. Thoughtful packaging design should be a multi-sensory experience, especially for luxury products. And with QR codes integrated into the packaging design, brands have the opportunity to make an even greater impact with the consumer in-store.

QR codes on packaging can be used to reveal product specific offers and discounts, further enticing an interested consumer to purchase.

Personalize the In-Store Shopping Experience and Deepen Brand Loyalty

There’s no better way to entice potential buyers than by placing them at the center of the story. By leveraging QR codes, Nike by Melrose in Los Angeles offers shoppers a highly personalized experience.

Nike members scan QR codes and unlock a new, complimentary product from a vending machine – such as a pair of Nike socks. Shoppers that are members can also unlock new items every two weeks, no purchase required. At other locations as soon as a member enters the store, Nike offers rewards accessible via QR code scanned by an associate. And QR codes bring mannequins to life in store. Shoppers can “scan the look,” the QR code sends try on requests to store associates so that shoppers have complete outfits waiting for them in the fitting room when they’re ready to try.

QR Codes Create a Fast and Frictionless Checkout

Retailers like Target and Walmart were among the first to implement QR codes into the payment process. At Walmart, shoppers can scan,bag and pay via the Walmart Pay app.

Amazon Go stores use QR codes to log shoppers upon entry and exit. Sensors located throughout the store monitor items added to their basket – avoiding checkout lines altogether.

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