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USPS Mobile Shopping Promotion

As mobile technology continues to transform how businesses interact with consumers, direct mail has proven to be an effective vehicle to bridge brick and mortar with the online retail experience. And the new USPS Mobile Shopping Promotion is a great way to capitalize on this trend.


By using technology like QR Codes, Snap Tags and augmented reality, brands can take consumers through an enhanced shopping experience. In leveraging the power of print, web based shopping portals become more personal and help businesses deepen the connection with online consumers.

The 2019 Mobile Shopping Promotion encourages the implementation of QR code technology. This includes animated QR codes, Visual QR codes, Dotless QR codes, Voice QR codes along with new visual design capabilities and robust data-based analytics that support QR code technology.

“New barcode formats continue to multiply and can provide the basis for linking a physical mailpiece to a digital experience (ex., Twitter QR codes, Amazon Smile codes, Pinterest pin codes, Messenger codes, LinkedIn QR codes, Instagram nametags, etc.).

The 2019 Mobile Shopping Promotion allows mailers to qualify via a Social Media purchasing component.This means mailers with an app-enabled QR code for payment also qualifies, as long as the directional copy is clear.


The registration period is from June 15, 2019 – December 31, 2019. The promotion period runs August 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019.

Marketers receive an upfront 2% postal discount on mail pieces that include a mobile barcode or print/mobile technology that can be read or scanned by a mobile device. The code must lead the recipient to a mobile-optimized shopping website or the ability to complete a financial transaction.


*Note: charitable giving also qualifies for this promotion. A hard copy certificate, voucher or thank you note mailed to the donor meet the requirements. As does a mail pieces containing a BRM or CRM enclosure.

Many non-profits have already invested in mobile landing pages to complete a purchase or donation. By adding a mobile barcode to drive the recipient to a mobile URL, your piece will qualifies for the discount.


And don’t forget about Millcraft’s Non-Profit Paper Program that incentivizes charities and non-profits to use premium papers. We’ve partnered with Mohawk Paper to provide special program pricing for qualified, directed-buy print projects for non-profit organizations.

By combining these two programs, non-profits can realize a significant postage savings by utilizing these programs for high-volume mailings.

Interested in learning more about USPS Mobile Shopping Promotion? Sign up for a complimentary consultation with one of our direct mail specialists.