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Neenah Promotion: Where Ideas Lead & Neenah Folding Board Swatch Book

Did you know that 72% of consumers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decision? If you’ve ever purchased a product and held onto the packaging, then you understand. There is something about well-produced packaging that captivates consumers. Perhaps it’s the emotional connection we feel to a brand the instant we hold their product in our hands. And this brand connection continues long after the purchase is made.

Neenah – Where Ideas Lead

Thoughtful packaging design can be a powerful marketing tool for brands. The key is to include some critical details that create a cohesive brand experience that connects with consumers. Neenah Paper’s newest promotion, Where Ideas Lead does just that.


The new print promotion takes the audience on a voyage of discovery. This piece demonstrates how to incorporate premium papers to create a connection to your brand story through the tactile elements of print and packaging. Peppered throughout the piece are compelling facts and statistics, highlighting the power of premium to deliver strong ROI for brands and marketers.


In addition to the print sample, Neenah has revamped its flagship packaging grade, Neenah Folding Board. The new swatch book features products that touch on five key elements essential to creating perfect packaging: Color, Texture, Coating, Caliper, and Sustainability.


Long known for their breadth of colors, bright white, deep blacks, neutrals and grays, Neenah Folding Board is one of the most versatile color palettes in the category. And brand-new to the grade are three new options made from renewable hemp fibers. PC White Hemp, Desert Storm Hemp, and Deep Black Hemp are perfect options for the cannabis and CBD markets.


Packaging design is all about the customer experience. And creating a captivating unboxing moment is about intentional decisions that utilize contrasting tactile elements. It’s the tactile details that engage our senses and provide progressive moments that tell a brand’s story. Neenah Folding Board has a range of textured finishes and coatings as part of its stock offering: soft-touch single, matte single, pearlized, vellum, eggshell and raw


Whether it’s designing for print or packaging, caliper plays an important role in communicating brand messaging, especially with heritage brands. Using a higher caliper stock conveys prestige and elevates the feel of brand packaging. The same holds for identity system elements like business cards, note cards, and folders. Neenah Folding Board is stocked in two versatile calipers: 18 PT and 24 PT.


When it comes to sustainability as it relates to print and packaging, there are many things to consider. Post-consumer waste content, carbon dioxide emissions, chain of custody certifications and renewable energy just to name a few. Millcraft’s Corporate Solutions Group works closely with all our suppliers, including Neenah, to help brands procure responsible materials that meet sustainability initiatives.


Choice of materials is one of the most effective and easiest ways for brands to add impact to packaging design. With local resources in all the markets we serve, we truly believe in the power of premium to elevate your brand. To request a copy of Where Ideas Lead or the new Neenah Folding Board swatch book, visit one of our local Design & Solution Centers or just ask.