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Mohawk Maker Quarterly – No. 16 Explores Concept of Community

The newest release of Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 16 explores the concept of community. The piece dives into the topic, examining the ways in which makers are influenced by community. This issue is actually three pieces in one, reflecting the three lenses explored inside with three individual books bound together as a set.

Debuting at Adobe Max this fall, this issue of the Maker Quarterly shares insights from trailblazers in the design community. Artist Nick Cave, Pinterest Design Director Tim Bolenax, designer and paper engineer Kelli Anderson, and Dieline founder Andrew Gibbs.

Designed by San Francisco’s Hybrid Design, the piece is printed on Mohawk’s flagship paper grade, Mohawk Superfine. The individual books showcase the grades three colors: UltraWhite, White, and SoftWhite, in the tactile Eggshell finish.

Carnival Vellum New Black Cover is paired with a brilliant silver foil on one of the books. While vibrant shades of neon orange and purple pop off the digital finish of Superfine with iTone. Offset printing, three unique die-cut edges and a striking blue foil-stamped band in Strathmore Wove offer plenty for print production fans to interact with.

Chapter One: Place explores the idea that communities need literal spaces to gather, metaphorical room to experiment, and an open mind to all possibilities. Make sure to check our the purpose behind Facebook’s Analog Lab.

Chapter Two: Voice highlights a slew of talented designers. Each demonstrating why the things that make us unique can also bring us together.

Chapter Three: Time attempts to help us understand how our definition of community changes as minutes and years pass by. Featuring a timely interview with Chicago artist Nick Cave, who digs into the ways in which identity, society, and politics collide. As always, the Mohawk Maker Quarterly is packed with content and inspiration, demonstrating just how layered and impactful the design and print community is.

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly, No. 16 is in stock in the Design Center, along with all the papers used in the production of the piece. Oh, we almost forgot the best part. Millcraft stocks all the grades used throughout the piece, including the digital finishes.

We know you’ll want to experience the piece in real life, stop by one of our Design Centers or just ask your Millcraft rep.