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Smart Brands Leverage Direct Mail to Deepen Connection

According to a recent study from the Inbox Report, 51% of the country suffers from email fatigue. And half of them stated they rarely, or never, even open marketing emails. Yet more than half of all marketers, 57%, plan to ramp up their email marketing efforts. This is perplexing, considering the average household only receives 2 pieces of direct mail per day, compared to 157 emails daily. For marketers looking to get the most impact from communications, direct mail offers an effective and proven means to deepen the connection between the brand and its audience.


Print is a multi-sensory experience. It has the ability to connect like no other medium. When an offer comes in the mail, it allows the brand to physically interact with the recipient in a very personal way. The feel of the paper, the sound of tearing open the envelope, the visual impact of design and color, even the smell of the ink – all of these sensory cues engages the recipient and forms an instant connection between consumer and brand.

And when it comes to brand loyalty, 54% of shoppers enjoy receiving mail from their favorite brands. While most consumers deem printed materials one of the more trusted forms of communication.


When asked, 72% of marketers say increasing conversion rates is their top priority. By utilizing a multi-channel approach and combining digital with direct mail, marketers 9x the likelihood of making a sale. And the combination can yield a 40% conversion rate! Some of the digital technologies used to increase the lift of direct mail include URLs, voice, SMS/Text, and QR codes.

Amazon makes smart use of QR codes

Many national brands like Target and Walmart are leveraging a combined approach this holiday season. Amazon issued a second edition of its printed toy catalog this year. While the holiday catalog does not feature price, they make smart use of QR codes creating a frictionless experience for its members, allowing them to scan, add to cart and order easily from their mobile app.


CB2 catalog recipients were the first to get a sneak peek at the 2019 holiday gift shop. The November catalog included a QR code giving a select audience of fans early access to their holiday products.

CB2 catalog uses QR codes to deepen relationship with audience

By leveraging the personal interaction of print along with the data and immediacy of digital, marketers can strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer. To learn more about using print and technology to create connection, just ask your Millcraft rep.