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Cougar w/Purpose – Creating Meaningful Retail Brands

All great brands begin with purpose, it’s the driving force behind a company’s culture, mission and products. Creating a meaningful brand is critical to building a successful business. And for retailers, every touchpoint offers another chance to form meaningful connections with the consumer. The newest promotion from Domtar, Cougar w/Purpose – Creating Meaningful Retail Brands, provides some excellent ideas for exploring those touchpoints.

For consumers, retail brands are often an expression of individuality. When we think of retailers with strong brand engagement, they all have one thing in common. They pay attention to the details. Cougar w/Purpose is full of examples of how to get the details right.


The piece feels special from the moment we pick it up. We’re greeted by a knockout, blind emboss on the front cover, that opens to a gate-fold with a die-cut pasted insert. Centering around a fictitious brand, Mantra, the piece demonstrates all the ways to consider incorporating paper into a retail brand’s touchpoints.

The first example we see is a look-book. While compact in size, it makes smart use of materials in a self-contained format with an interesting flysheet. It’s also a great print example of Cougar, demonstrating both full-coverage printability and the paper’s bright white shade.

As we open the gate-fold, we’re greeted to numerous details. A direct mail rewards promotion shows another way to retailers to use print to engage consumers. The piece features an interesting roll-fold brochure produced on the very tactile super smooth finish of Cougar Digital Color Copy. A hint at what’s possible to produce digitally (even in small quantities). The promo features a personalized A-7 envelope, another engaging touchpoint.

Some of the other pieces include a hangtag that while small in size, is big on tactile details, like letterpress. There’s also a great concept for loyalty cards that utilizes a subtle yet effective foil stamp and die-cut. ‘

Cougar w/Purpose is great example of how smart use of materials can convey quality, evoke emotion, inspire loyalty and generate a response. The velvety feel and flawless reproduction of the paper demonstrates how brands can connect and delivery a tactile response that connects with consumers.

To request a copy of Cougar w/Purpose, just ask your Millcraft rep.