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Mohawk Renewal: Alternative Fiber Paper Made from Hemp, Straw and Recycled Cotton

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc., launched a paradigm-shifting portfolio of papers Mohawk Renewal, made with hemp, straw, and recycled cotton fiber.

With sustainability at the heart of the new grade line the alternative fibers used in manufacturing the paper are all annual crops, which regenerate in a year or less. By using scraps that would’ve otherwise been disposed of, waste and pollution are reduced while something beautiful is created.


Mohawk Renewal Hemp papers are available in three shades, Clean White, Fiber White and Flower. Each shade contains 30 percent hemp fiber blended with post consumer paper waste and/or responsible virgin fibers. These fiber blends give each basis weight the ability to perform across printing processes and end-use applications.


Mohawk Renewal Straw uses straw fiber harvested by Columbia Pulp in Eastern Washington, where they have built a new mill to process straw fibers into viable paper pulp. Blended with responsibly sourced wood fibers, Renewal Straw performs on every press platform Mohawk serves today, from letterpress to digital and offset.


Strong yet soft, cotton fibers make beautiful paper. Mohawk Renewal Recycled Cotton uses two sources for its cotton fiber: white t-shirts and blue denim. Using waste materials as a new pulp source takes pressure off landfills – all while making fine paper.

Both shades of Mohawk Renewal Recycled Cotton are a direct reflection of their input materials. T-Shirt White uses unbleached white and pure cotton textile waste. Denim is 30 percent denim thread and 70 percent cotton t-shirt textile.

Watch a preview of the grade launch here.

To learn more about Mohawk Renewal, just ask your Millcraft rep and join us for the Millcraft Meetup.